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Bully For You

Posted on Sunday, April 5, 2009 in Uncategorized

Heard Julie Bishop on the TV this morning having a go at Kevin Rudd for “bullying” a defence forces air hostess for not providing him with a hot meal according to his diet.  The poor wee thing (the hostess, not Ms Bishop) was apparently reduced to tears. Can we get something straight?  Raising your voice when you are a bit pissed off is not bullying – it’s being a bit pissed off.  If he had bullied the hostess, he’s have stolen her lunch money.  And why do we have such wimps in the defence forces anyway?  And since when does our PM have to fly on Jetstar?  “Bullying” is the new “unAustralian” – dare to hint that work hasn’t been done to your satisfaction and suddenly you are a bully.  The English language takes another hit from the spin doctors and shirkers who’d rather complain than do their jobs properly.

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